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Kelly Joe Phelps - Hellhound on my trail (Robert Johnson)
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I got to keep moving, I got to keep moving
Blues falling down like hail

And the day keeps on remindin' me, 
There's a hellhound on my trail

If today was Christmas eve,
And tomorrow was Christmas day 

All I would need is my little sweet rider
Just to pass the time away

You sprinkled hot foot powder around my door 
You sprinkled hot foot powder, all around your daddy's door
It keeps me with ramblin' mind rider
Every old place I go

I can tell the wind is risin',

The leaves tremblin' on the trees
All I need is my little sweet woman 
To keep my company

Et, pendant ce temps-là, dans un autre ordre d'idées...
...pour les amateurs de terrils, tout en haut

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