Le greffe : Meow Meow (Spicer/Burger/Matsumoto)

Shiori Matsumoto (via Old Paint)

Meow Meow par Kat Onoma (Happy Birthday public, 2003)
Rodolphe Burger, g voc - Guy "Bix" Bickel, tp - Philippe Poirier ts - Pierre Keyline b - Pascal Benoit dr

I hear a banging on the door of the night
Buzz, buzz; buzz, buzz; buzz, buzz
If you open the door does it let in light?
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz; buzz, buzzz.
If the day appears like a yellow raft
Meow, meow; meow, meoww
Is it really on top of a yellow giraffe
Meow, meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow

Shiori Matsumoto (via mardecortesbaja)

If the door caves in as the darkness slides
Knocking and knocking; knock, knock, knock
What can tell the light of whatever's inside?
Knocking and knocking; knock, knock, knock

Shiori Matsumoto (via mardecortesbaja)

Or the light and the darkness dance in your eye
Shadows falling one by one
Pigs, and eels, and open sky
Dancers falling one by one
Dancers shrieking one by one.

Paroles : poème de Jack Spicer (1925-1965) - Thing Language, 1964

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