Ayons congé : Blossom Dearie

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Samedi dernier, dans son sommeil, Blossom Dearie (28 avril 1926 - 7 février 2009) a définitivement quitté Greenwich Village.

How do you say AufWiedersehn
To things you'll never see again
The Wilhelmstrasse in the rain
The day we ran to catch the train
That puffed along the river Seine
Remember Paris
And best of all the Pyrénées
Who could forget such memories
That crazy trip how typical of us
To miss the bus the plane too
How do you say AufWiedersehn to these

The wild times the small things
The popular warmth of the day
It ended as all things
But when does the music go away
Say au revoir but not goodbye
I said it 'till I want to cry
Perhaps the French could tell us what to do
I wish I knew, Ah liebchen
How do I say AufWiedersehn to you

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