I do

Andrea Gibson - I do
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ba bi di ba ba bi di ba ba ba bi ba bi di ba
I do I do I do
ba bi di ba ba bi di ba ba ba bi ba bi di b
ba dang a dang dang a dingy dong ding
I do...........

But the fuckers say we can't.

'Cause you're a girl
and l'm a girl... or at least something close
so the most we can hope for
is an uncivil union in Vermont
and I want church bells,
I want rosary beads
want Jesus on his knees.
I wanna walk down the aisle
feeling the patriarchy smile.
That's not true.

But I do
wanna spend my life with you...

Andrea Gibson - I do - Pole dancing to gospel hymns, Write bloody publishing, 2008

Le texte complet du poème : ici.

Le site d'Andrea Gibson, où l'on peut trouver ses quatres CD et la deuxième édition de Pole dancing to gospel hymns.

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