L'art de la conversation : Robert Tregenza

Robert Tregenza - Talking to strangers, 1988
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"Because here reality walks hand-in-hand with fiction. The great Levi-Strauss would say: the elementary structures of kinship between fiction and reality. And I would add that fiction, the slut, trips up reality as soon as reality wants to posess her.
Theirs is not a heterosexual marriage. Reality and fiction are man and woman at the same time, and each reproaches the other for what she or he is, not for being what he or she is not. And this film only could be made in America, which --as we have known since Giraudoux-- sees an enemy in only that which it resembles-- in its failings. There is a great tradition in solitary America of being in love with reality, from Thoreau through MAN OF ARAN and FACES. And Rob Tregenza belongs to that tradition-- that of speaking and listening to our daily reality. Not simply of loving life-- not the candid camera, no, a reflective camera."

Jean-Luc Godard, à propos de Talking to strangers

...et pendant ce temps-là
 ...Tendez vos arcs, nègres marrons...

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