Le bar du coin : Dave Van Ronk

Dave Van Ronk (30 juin 1936-10 février 2002) - Gaslight rag
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Another damn day, ah, take it away,
I gotta make my gig on time.
Playin' on guitar, bein' a star,
Stumbling for nickels and dimes.
Silly damn pride, out of my mind,
Crazy if I stay.
Leave your wife and bring your knife,
If you're working at Mitchell's Café.

I had a dream that the Gaslight was clean,
And the rats were all scrubbed down.
The coffee was great and the waitresses straight,
And Patrick Sky left town.
No one was swocked and Dylan played Bach,
And Ochs' songs all scanned.
I got out of bed and I straightened my head,
And started a rock-n-roll band.

Ah, honey babe, honey babe,
Let me carry you down.
Pimps and whores and grunge on the floor,
And the finest show in town.
Pizza stands and skiffle bands,
And Pogo's buyin' this round.
There's not much life but there's plenty of fights,
When you're singin' in a hole in the ground.

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